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Brewer's Best - Dortmunder

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This American-style Dortmunder is dark gold with a mild caramel infl uence from the crystal malt. The hops drive the fl avor and help give this brew a nice balance with a big body and great mouthfeel. Lager yeast is included.

Please Note:
Brewer’s Best recommends lagering this recipe to achieve the true lager character of this beer style. However, if you are not properly equipped to lager your beer, the included yeast will perform well when fermented as an ale. When fermenting as an ale (between 64º - 72ºF) try to keep the beer on the cooler end of the temperature range and allow for some additional time for the lager yeast to ferment down to the FG. If possible, rack to a secondary fermenter for two weeks prior to bottling. 

Consult your local homebrew shop to learn more about the equipment necessary to lager your beers. Although this method is not as accurate as temperature-controlled lagering equipment, most climates provide a seasonal window that will allow you to lager beer.
3.3 lb. Munich LME
3.3 lb. Light LME
6 oz. Caramel 30L
8 oz. Carapils®
1 oz. Bittering
.5 oz. Flavoring
.25 oz. Aroma
1 Sachet
IBUs: 26 - 28
ABV: 5.25% - 5.75%
OG: 1.050 - 1.054
FG: 1.011 - 1.015
Difficulty: Intermediate
Color: Deep Gold

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